Meet Sanjay, Babak, Jae, Adele and Damaris – a group of friends from around the world. These Mixed Nutz stick together, because being from different places and trying to fit in can be tough. Whether they’re dealing with their demanding swim coach – an ex-Navy SEAL, or dodging school yard bullies, the kids discover themselves as they journey through the twists and turns of a new place and a new school.

Mixed Nutz is a groundbreaking series that celebrates cultures of the world with heart and humor. Watch these friends as they learn that no matter where you are from or what food you eat, everyone can be a hero!

Mixed Nutz was produced and developed by Norooz Productions a sister company of Big Bad Boo Studios. Like all products produced by Norooz Productions, Mixed Nutz endeavors to teach diversity and tolerance by celebrating rich cultural differences.

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